Mobonair – World's local mobile services cloud

Mobonair, a cellular business communication worldwide, was built on passion, not on technology alone. A handful of highly motivated techno-wizards came together a few years ago and laid foundation for a worldclass telecom solutions and services to entrepreneurs and mobile operators. Today, Mobonair is an awesome name, but we're aware its success is not just based on our grace but on the trust our precious customers have reposed on it.

Mobile instant text messaging for quick connects has changed the rules of the game for biz today. Because, mobile is no longer a wireless set but a personal and business aid. Mobile messaging makes marketing quicker.
We move with the belief that business communication ought to travel and is going to travel at the speed of light, if not more. Our solutions and services have been measured and tailored by our team of zealots after incisive research and study, offering precision functionality, flexibility and reliability. There is only one thing Mobonair can't match--your business acumen and product quality. All other things such as instant connect, impact, and reliability are within the reach of Mobonair.
Mobonair as a leader in telecom services, is an associate member of the GSM solutions and Mobey Forum. We have our touch-bases in almost all leading metros and cities in India, and have high-profile client profile from overseas countries. Curiously, the best the highest technology is often cheaper than the ponderous technology. This is one reason why we have a more economic price board than others.
And, we know technology is only a medium but the driving force is human brain. We use technology but our core function remains in understanding each customer, his mission and vision, so what comes out of it is a highly customised solution that looks like it has been born with the company. It is a painstaking process but worth it for our contented customers vouchsafe the trouble undertaken brings corresponding reward. This is why we say Mobonair is built not just on tech but on passion.
Our client service has been built on credibility and creativity. Our global reach with dedicated local presence helps define our multicultural approach and dedication to excellence.
By partnering with Mobonair you join a global family of forward thinking and innovative people helping you use the latest in mobile communications technology to further your business objectives.

In sum, we are:

  • Unique in customised mobile business solutions
  • Programmed 2-way Messaging
  • Easy to configure URL Response
  • Keyword Facility for multiple types of Queries Processing
  • Easy Integration with Website Data
  • User- friendly web based control panel
  • Revenue- Sharing Mechanism for heavy inflow volume
  • Detailed listing of Callers for Post-sales promotion
  • Free Customised Auto reply on every incoming SMS

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