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Oh, you're finishing your studies! We provide a start-up working environment with the security of a company that is cash-flow positive. We also work with the latest version of Rails, test-driven development, paired programming and database sharing. We're always looking to the very latest technologies to drive our competitive advantage. You want to learn. We will offer you new opportunities within Mobonair to learn new skills, hell even a new job! However we can make our people better at what they do or better yet, what they want to do, we strive to do that.

Mobonair offers opportunities for Developers, Designers Sales, Marketing as well as in other domains like Accounting, Finance, Human resource etc.

Check our current offers and contact us, if you see your professional future in Mobonair and want to be part of the team. Apply for an open internship or permanent position.

Mail us your resume on :



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