All the three major sectors--primary, secondary and tertiary-- need instant communication system facilitated by internet and mobile. In industry, the traditional like production units, processing units, and sunrise industry like IT and ITeS, and service industry like education, transport, communication make extensive use of mobile wireless communication network. In each of the segment, Mobonair has specialized units to cater to.

In transport, for instance, from placing order to delivery at the doorstep, the entire process is panned and packed by Mobonair experts so that each movement could be overseen by the transport operator. In e-commerce, placing order, confirmation, payment, and delivery are made by customized SMS/voice mail to meet your needs. Same is true of miscall service which is a major segment of commerce in Asian situation.

In education, Mobonair alerts and leads on lessons, forthcoming special sessions etc could be an information package while promotional aspect could be developed to highlight new courses and advantages of the particular educational institution.

The whole spectrum of man management to administration in IT-ITeS are subject of our expertise. Cheap, quick and reliable, mobonair software ensure you keep a tab on every process of production and employees.

In production industry, material procurement and management and human resource management are subjects on mobonair research.



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