INDUSTRIES - Construction and Property

What mobile can do?
Whether you are a construction firm, specialty niche provider company giving residential or commercial service and repair, or a property management company handling a wide variety of service and repair orders, AT&T Solutions can improve the way you run your business, control your costs and realize a competitive edge:

For Job allocation for contract workers, managing contractors on client sites, real estate appointment reminders, rent payment reminders or a compressed solicitation for a new property, Mobonair has solution for a customized business enhancer communication. In short, all your projects at your fingertip, that's Mobonair for construction and property sector. Our service automation solutions improve your field service technicians’ efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

For all property deal or managing property including plots, SMS proves a viable and economical option besides it being a provable record of communication. We have also apps solution for the needs for any building inspector. Focused mostly on the exterior of a property, this application tracks all apsects of a building including lighting, steps and stairs, ramps, railings, walls, gates and fences, patios, loading bays, drainage, vegetation, paving etc.

Where it can be gainfully employed

Mobonair solutions for construction and property are useful in drawing new business:

  • Attracting Customers
  • Building Relationships
  • Increasing Sales
  • Protecting Assets
  • Managing Technology
  • Enabling Recovery
  • Regulating and alerting staff
  • Programming logistic support so your material division can work with a clockwise precision
  • For property dealers the SMs service to clients could prove a big biz booster

How are Realtors using it?

Roll over an example:

Instant home description
Sales incentive/contest
Link to website(s) & virtual tour
Investors relation



Alfie Ladeira, Product Manager for HP Exstream explains why SMS messaging is a game changer in the future of customer communications software and why it is key to ensuring profit margins are maintained Faced with an increasingly challenging market, businesses including utilities companies, banks and telecommunication organisations are coming up with innovative ways such as communicating via SMS to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer retention. Historically consumers have been reluctant to change either their energy service provider or their bank account. On average only 8% of people switch their current account per annum and you are more likely to get divorced than you are to switch your utilities service provider. However, this is all set to change, with the challenging economic climate consumers are for the first time ever willing to shop around to ensure they get the best deal. Added to this, the recent changes in RDR regulations (Retail Distribution Review) means that financial organisations of all sizes now need to ensure they have rigorous document and financial processes in place. We’ve had SMS messaging integrated in the customer communications management (CCM) systems we offer for several years
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