INDUSTRIES - E-commerce

Though e-commerce has become the norm in many countries, India is just catching up with it fast. This is the most demanded and effective medium to perform business activities especially of retail business as it facilitates online business transactions, banking services, product dispatch and transit, bill payments, and many such processes. E-commerce save time and money and, more important, very convenient mode of biz transaction. E commerce has introduced an all new league of online vendors who offer products and services through web portals and require an efficient marketing solution to expand and create awareness among their target market.

How it works

A secure, dependable M- commerce solutions are needed for online web portals because consumers desirous of purchasing goods and services must be assured of its efficacy and speed. Consumers and Clients demand a virtual platform where consumers can purchase goods as per their preferences and make secure online payments accordingly. Consumers require a mobile notification for the payment and online transaction. Unlike the traditional cash-and-carry system, the E-commerce keeps the customer informed of every move from order to delivery through properly tailored SMS. A mobile solution from start to finish for clients and customers is needed and it is the area of Mobonair's expertise.

How are E-commerce Sites using it?

Roll over an example:

Payment confirmation
Order confirmation
Shipment confirmation
Mobile coupons



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