INDUSTRIES - Hospitality

This industry which traditionally enveloped hotels now has in its ambit food and catering too.

Travel and tourism are fundamental consumer habits, something that is so deep-rooted in human psyche, and it is only growing with airtravel, though expensive, becoming more convenient and frequent. Every country is trying to attract as many tourists from overseas as possible.

Hotel-travel--tourism Industry is a lustily growing industry in India and its need for fast and reliable communication is a basic need. Cell phones have become an important promotional tool of this industry of late.

Where the need lies?
Hospitality industry's health is solely on the customer satisfaction. Prompt information of one's accommodation, its status, and other facilities must be conveyed to the customer who will be greately pleased if they are treated with care. And, this kind of communication has to be economical too fo r the industry. There is no better form than the cellular medium for this. It's not only that via alert and confirmation messages via mobile you can also squeeze in a lot of promotional and goodwill messages too. So two-in-one is the result. Can you think of a better deal?

Mobonair has a complete package for hospitality industry at the best of bargain rate. The industry can use our mobility solution for

  • texting promotional messages, vouchers and booking details to their customers
  • Compile VIP and RSVP lists via text message that can welcome or say goodbye to customers.
  • Travel and Tourism can use our mob apps for information about online booking confirmation, change in schedule, special offers and reminder of the bookings.
  • It can message the incoming customers about your specialty, transport facilities, add on services for customers.
  • All things that go for consumer loyalty can be compressed into a package

How are restaurants using it?

Roll over an example:

Mobile coupon
Meal specials
Birthday special reminders
Table availability notification



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