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Electronic and print media, fast growing sphere of industry today, need to build an effective mobile presence to ensure customer retention and increase customer acquisition. Broadcast media companies like TV and audio companies are getting ready to brace new business models driven by IPTV like Android TV, as well as the new breed of mobile devices. Recently, Akashvani has reported that the bulk of their interaction is through mobile phones and email. Amir Khan show was conducted virtually on these two mediums. With appropriate Mobile Apps you can increase your exposure, viewership and also stay connected all the time. This industry has a huge scope in the future if it is powered with efficient mobile solutions.

How mob apps help media
Media are going on interactive mode and it requires to harness the mobile internet technology more than before. Media and entertainment draw a huge audience for its programmes, surveys and realty shows which all need cost effective mobility solution and maintainenance 24x7. But the same time, It also has to be less expensive and effective mode of communication with its target audience with an assured efficient connectivity system.

Mobonair solutions
Mobon Solutions provide the medium and connectivity to enable the entertainment and media to dive deeper into its target audience even as they keep their present readers and viewers. Viewers can get involved in television contests and quizzes by messaging their answers on the numbers flashing on the screen. Reality shows have gathered many eyeballs throughout the country and thus SMS voting is facilitated which not only keeps the audience involved but also generates revenue for the industry. Portability of mobile phones powered with mobonair solutions keeps the audience updated about events and contests at all times.
Benefits of Mobonair media apps

  • Audience can easily participate in television quiz and contests
  • Facilitate interactive media
  • Citizens can initiate active participation by submitting their views over a certain issue on a news channel by means of SMS polling
  • Encourage media-driven social activism
  • SMS connectivity encourages the viewers to engage themselves in television programs and thus the industry earns huge revenues

How are Media and entertainment using it?

Roll over an example:

Program reminder
Participation alert
Movie Advertisement
Contest invitation



Alfie Ladeira, Product Manager for HP Exstream explains why SMS messaging is a game changer in the future of customer communications software and why it is key to ensuring profit margins are maintained Faced with an increasingly challenging market, businesses including utilities companies, banks and telecommunication organisations are coming up with innovative ways such as communicating via SMS to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer retention. Historically consumers have been reluctant to change either their energy service provider or their bank account. On average only 8% of people switch their current account per annum and you are more likely to get divorced than you are to switch your utilities service provider. However, this is all set to change, with the challenging economic climate consumers are for the first time ever willing to shop around to ensure they get the best deal. Added to this, the recent changes in RDR regulations (Retail Distribution Review) means that financial organisations of all sizes now need to ensure they have rigorous document and financial processes in place. We’ve had SMS messaging integrated in the customer communications management (CCM) systems we offer for several years but in the past two years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of consumers demanding communication via SMS.
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