INDUSTRIES - Transport and Logistics

Transport industry is akin to life--always moving. Mobile logistics environment enable to manage data about men and cargo, their movement and thereby raising the industry's visibility which, in turn, raises its efficiency.

What Mobonair does
We arm the truck operators with appropriate mob tech which connect drivers with mobile computers. The whole task from start to finish -- pick-up, pack, dispatch and delivery--is done with a clockwise precision. Until cargo is delivered on a deadline from loading point to the customer door, the work of logistics is not complete. Operators can track the cargo movement and help guide the drivers on routes or in times of emergency. This is a great boon in transport industry that faces many uncertainties en route. This also brings down waste of time, fuel and manpower.

How are Transporters using it?

Roll over an example:

Consignment notification
Dispatch notification
Cab booking reminder
Emergency notification



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