Mobile device usage is growing steadily every day. It indicates a preference to be connected anywhere and at any time. Utilities are striving to improve customer service, lower costs, and create strong, persistent customer relationships. Leveraging mobile technology to deliver self-service provides a means to engage with customers on a channel they prefer, while providing an opportunity to reach them more frequently and for much lower cost than traditional mail and phone. mobile apps provide a new customer experience which can help drive a perception of the utility as “high tech.


  • Custom applications which can start with a utility’s current needs and expand over time.
  • Bill pay stands out as the pivotal feature
  • Monthly plan customers can view and pay their bills
  • Prepaid customers can view their remaining energy and add credits
  • Account alerts to customers
  • All sorts of customer service

How are Utility sectors using it?

Roll over an example:

Maintenance notifications
Emergency alerts/notifications
Service outage notification
Traffic Notification



Alfie Ladeira, Product Manager for HP Exstream explains why SMS messaging is a game changer in the future of customer communications software and why it is key to ensuring profit margins are maintained Faced with an increasingly challenging market, businesses including utilities companies, banks and telecommunication organisations are coming up with innovative ways such as communicating via SMS to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer retention. Historically consumers have been reluctant to change either their energy service provider or their bank account. On average only 8% of people switch their current account per annum and you are more likely to get divorced than you are to switch your utilities service provider. However, this is all set to change, with the challenging economic climate consumers are for the first time ever willing to shop around to ensure they get the best deal.
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