SLA - Service Level Agreement

Our Promise to You

Mobonair is committed to providing the highest quality services and delivering high standards of customer service. Don’t take our word for it read our customer reviews and look at our awards.

We’ve listened to our customers and continue to do so, working hard to live up to our commitments, always striving to provide you with the products and services you want.

Our promises are based on the things that our customers have told us matter to them, so we do our best to deliver them. By continuing to do what our customers want, you will experience that we are an unbelievably friendly and helpful bunch. We work hard for our customers; be it a technical requirement, a bespoke ‘build’ or just an out-of-hours conference calls – we are there for you.

Mobonair actively demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer services:

  • We will put your needs first
  • We will respond to your enquiry quickly, courteously and provide you the right answer the first time
  • We will go the extra mile when you need us most
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will deal with your enquiry professionally and efficiently
  • We recognise and value your point of view
  • We actively seek and value your views to help us improve the service
  • We provide you with an accessible technical & customer service
  • We respect your confidentiality

We rarely get complaints but if something goes wrong, we will correct it and we always welcome suggestions for improvement
Even if you are not a customer yet, do tell us what you think.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

The Mobonair SMS servers deliver premium Routed SMS text messages using direct connections into the heart of mobile network SMS Centres (SMSCs), providing high capacity, reliable, and fast SMS connectivity, direct to an end user's mobile phone. Mobonair uses its own direct connections to various operators and also has priority connections into tier 1 aggregators. It is a complete solution, hosted, designed, developed and supported by Mobonair .

  • The main elements of our SLA are:
  • Minimum uptime of the Mobonair online Messenger : 99.9%
  • Minimum uptime of Mobonair email to SMS gateway : 99.9%
  • Minimum throughput of system : 80 messages per second
  • Average message delivery time : 3 seconds
  • Minimum success in message delivery : 99.9%
  • Receive SMS (dedicated inbound number) in less than 10 secs: 99.9%
  • Receive SMS (on short code) in less than 10 secs: 99.9%
  • Confirm billing of premium SMS in less than 30 seconds: 99.9%
  • Received messages, receipts and billing confirmations forwarded to email or remote server in under 5 secs: 99.9%
  • On site encrypted data backup: Every 30 mins
  • Off site encrypted data backup: Twice daily

Once messages have been submitted to the mobile network they may be subject to additional delays. These can be compared to the delays experienced by normal SMS peer-to-peer traffic. These figures are based on using the Mobonair interfaces (Messenger, email to SMS, API). The figures do not account for any additional delays caused by the sender's network operator or failures due to circumstances beyond our control.
Several possible causes of SMS failure include:
Incorrect number format, missing international codes, mistyped numbers

  • Number does not exist of has expired
  • Receiving network overloaded
  • Receiving network failure
  • Receiving phone switched off
  • Receiving phone's inbox full

Note: we will investigate any failures upon request. Please email us at support@mobonair .com to discuss any problems.