SERVICES - E-mail to Mobile sms

Wireless access to email, phone is no longer a fad, it is necessity today. Everyday some 214 plus billion emails are exchanged worldwide and the demand for enterprise-based mobile messaging is growing at 108% per annum. Wireless Intelligence published that 2.5 Billion mobile phones are currently in use and the majority of these are SMS or text messaging devices rather than the more expensive Smartphone alternatives such as iPhone and Blackberry.
Mobonair enable a level playing field for those users (big or small) who want to enjoy the benefits of better targeted messaging without the hefty premiums. The idea behind Email to SMS is for these users to get the critical key content behind a message very quickly and text back a response or make a quick call.


Esms is a tool that is ideal for staff without internet access or for those who use email as their primary communications channel. it easily integrates with your existing email application.
A one-off configuration to your email client or server will allow you to quickly start sending SMS from email.
Compatible with Outlook SMS, Exchange, and all other popular email clients, servers, webmail or any software that can output an email message It’s simple to set up and requires no training for staff. It’s just like sending a normal email, but to a different address.

Esms features:

  • Simple to use with existing email system and contact lists
  • No separate application is needed, there’s no software to download
  • Esms allows for rapid rollout to a large number of staff within your business
  • No separate inbox to check, replies are sent back to your email account
  • Supports sender IDs, long messaging, email to SMS forwarding and more
  • Can be configured so that every time you receive an email alert you also receive an SMS.