SERVICES - Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise Messaging Sysem (EMS) is widely used today for integrating various disparate enterprise applications. It will ensure that communication and transactions happen accurately, thereby facilitating fast responses to requests for payments, status checks, goods chosen and more. Adopting a superior enterprise messaging system will enable continuous communications, even during scheduled downtime, and will also prevent data loss during a system crash.


txtBulk covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. Looking at our technologies, we offer a set of fully featured web and desktop applications, as well as a powerful collection of APIs allowing for integration from any application. This is all supported by our 24/7 technical support team, ensuring smooth and efficient continuation of your business.

txtBulk provides Enterprise the feature to effectively and instantly communicate with their customers and employees.txtBulk can also be tailor-made as per the Enterprise requirement.

TxtBulk features:

  • High message throughput, with no queues
  • Direct connections to mobile operators
  • Real-time delivery reports
  • Powerful management and SMS messaging web portals
  • HTTP and industry standard SMPP v3.4 APIs
  • Support for Unicode, binary and multi-part (concatenated) messages