People on the move, leading a dizzy life have all found Interactive voice response (IVR) with cell phones a great convenience. It allows you to set up automated attendants or other systems that ensure your customers and clients always get to the right department. There are many ways that IVR with mobile phones can help your business. If you experience high call volumes, IVR allows your customers to choose from menu options or to listen to pre-recorded messages so they get a better customer experience. You can also use an IVR with cell phones provider for telephone voting, payment transactions and to extend your business hours.

Its simplest use, to understand the basic, is to remember that we all drive vehicles these days, or engage a driver. But the conventional way of using handset while driving is banned by law and dangerous too. IVR with mobile phones makes it possible for users to operate their phones without having to push the buttons. It's safer for drivers. IVR technology allows phone users to access a variety of apps and functions without even touching the device. Mobonair solution is special insofar as it is based on a foolproof solution that our expert devised.


MOBTALK Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an application generator with its own debugger that allows you full connectivity to the most popular databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Fox Pro, dBase, Btrieve, Paradox, or standard text files. IVR can be used to read information from databases, write information to databases, as well as query databases and return information. IVR performs on different customizable commands. You can setup properties for each command just as if you were executing the commands manually.

MOBTALK interactive voice response (IVR) application is not a standalone application. This application is executed inside a mailbox on your system. IVR supports T1, E1, ISDN, DID, and analog interfaces. Callers can dial into an application directly or dial into the system and select an application to use. IVR runs on Dialogic (digital and analog) boards.

MOBTALK Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will execute any application you create when a caller dials. By using DTMF, you can allow callers to interact with the system. Advanced database technology allows you to read, write, append, search, and seek database information, you can record your product inventory, setup games, keep track of your customers or patients, or virtually any other application you can think of. The advanced, innovative technology, backed by a simple, easy to use, drag and drop interface makes writing applications easy. MOBTALK IVR Generates Revenue! While you may be averse to implementing an IVR system because it can seem impersonal, having one allows you to provide 24-hour access. In today's world, as long as customers can still "press 0" for help, it is worth it. This trade off is one that customers welcome.

MobTalk Features

  • Built-in Scripting Language
  • Support for Multiple Voice Devices
  • Comprehensive Database Support
  • Language Interfaces
  • Scalability and Multi-port Support
  • Text to Speech and Speech Recognition
  • Run-time Customisation
  • Enhanced Features
  • Service Ports
  • Multimedia Ports
  • Internet Support
  • Plugin Interfaces



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