SERVICES - Mobile Marketing

Mobile has replaced all other communication tool. Cellular connectivity not only enables people to connect to the Internet via a cellular telephone, PDA or other gadget, but also consolidates the different communication channels in a simple, yet effective, medium. Mobonair develops the apps according to the client needs.


Txtonmob is made for sending marketing sms; it is developed with a very user friendly and stable architecture. If you are looking to advertise products, send business notifications or alerts; immediate delivery of a critical message or alert; there is no better solution available than txtonmob.

Txtonmob features:

  • txtonmob allows you to compose and send messages to a single contact, multiple contacts or groups of contacts
  • You can create message templates, to ensure consistency in messaging and to save time
  • For large campaigns, you can upload Excel or CSV files for bulk SMS sending.
  • You can send SMS online immediately or schedule them to land at a specific time and date
  • You will always know the status of every message, through our real-time Message tracker.