A USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) Gateway routes USSD messages from the signaling network to service applications and back. USSD Gateways require to know what session is going on. Also, put in the locator (it locates where the Mobile Station is at present), and you have a highly dynamic session – based protocol. The USSD centre unlocks the power of interactive messaging. It provides the mobile network operator with the ability to define applications associated with menus. It provides an alternative to traditional SMS and more specific and result-oriented.


Mtouch offers customers increased market penetration where complex mobile interactions are required. It supports longer message content than traditional SMS, and is generally considered more responsive than SMS. Unlike SMS, USSD is a session based system: Users or networks initiate sessions through varying trigger methods and are able to interact with the service without interruption. Commonly used in banking, mobile polling and education,

Mtouch features:

  • No downloads needed
  • Works on all mobile phones
  • Real-time interactions
  • Direct connections between handset and applications
  • More secure and cost efficient than SMS