Voice message apps from Mobonair is an added service that comes really cheap. But cheap because of high-end technology with us. You can send send and receive voice mail which get converted into text so that you could read like e mail. Busy executives who are on the move find it enormously useful. If you are at the wheel, you don’t want the risk of using your hands for something other than steering. You stay focused on driving and simply push the Voice Command button to make or take calls.


Mecho allows you to submit a text message via our web-based application and send it as a voice call. Market leading transcription software converts the SMS message into a voice message and our network connection then delivers it to a mobile or landline number. This process happens automatically for landlines and optionally for mobile phones.

The message is sent as a voice call, allowing the destination number to be retried if it’s engaged or unavailable. The intelligent retry strategy makes Voice SMS ideal for mission critical, emergency messaging, when you need confirmation that your message has been received.

With our “acknowledged” status, recipients can acknowledge receipt of the message by confirming that the Voice SMS message has been listened to.

Mecho features:

  • Voice SMS is an excellent way to contact the elderly, blind and partially sighted
  • Ideal way to contact people who are driving and those on hand free systems
  • A good method for contacting people on their home landlines
  • Particularly useful when sending long messages (long messages are charged in multiples of 160 characters).