Global Coverage
When you get into our bandwagon, you become a global biz. Our message gateway is vast, fast and wide which few can equal. Our message delivery system networks with over 500 operators in over 200 countries. It is not just in prompt delivery alone Mobonair excels, its message has the most advanced load balancing technique and the routing technology takes its course through the economic cost routes.

Multiple Message Types
SMS text messaging remains the core area but there's more. With Mobonair you get the choice of other message forms --Binary, EMS, VCards, Flash, Unicode, WAP or Push...

SMS Pricing
We are perhaps the only mobile service that offers the retailers the wholesale benefits such as amazing cut-rate pricing. No matter how small you are, we are not discriminative when its comes to pricing.

Multiple Protocols / Interfaces
Mobonair provides you direct connectivity to its core SMS gateway platform via a number of APIs (application programming interfaces) including; HTTP (internet post), SMPP, FTP, XML, SMTP (email to SMS), SOAP and COM Object. Each API has full documentation with sample code.

Extensive Reporting
All this apart, Mobonair offers the real time SMS reporting which includes up to date message delivery statuses.

Support Center
Our support team is our pride. We train them and keep them at your beck and call 24x7 through wire and wireless and mail. While all claim similar service what makes us different is that our words match our deeds. In addition we have well-made online support material and an online discussion forum monitored by the Mobonair support team.

Fast tracking
Tracking and delivery report are in-built in our system and we rigorously follow the drill so that result is 99.9.

Multiple Payment Options
You can make payments with your Credit Card, bank deposit or Wire Transfer.



Alfie Ladeira, Product Manager for HP Exstream explains why SMS messaging is a game changer in the future of customer communications software and why it is key to ensuring profit margins are maintained Faced with an increasingly challenging market, businesses including utilities companies, banks and telecommunication organisations are coming up with innovative ways such as communicating via SMS to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer retention. Historically consumers have been reluctant to change either their energy service provider or their bank account. On average only 8% of people switch their current account per annum and you are more likely to get divorced than you are to switch your utilities service provider. However, this is all set to change, with the challenging economic climate consumers are for the first time ever willing to shop around to ensure they get the best deal. Added to this, the recent changes in RDR regulations (Retail Distribution Review
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